Curb Side Bistro Brings Tejano Flair to Midland, TX

June 26, 2023 - 691 views
Midland, Texas is about to experience a new culinary revolution as the highly acclaimed Curb Side Bistro restaurant sets its sights on a growing & revitalizing downtown Midland. Adding an extra dose of excitement to the current revamp is none other than Chef Alejandro Barrientos, local and now nationally renowned chef who is a reigning Food Network, Chopped champion. With his Tejano roots and innovative culinary expertise, Barrientos promises to deliver an unforgettable dining experience that combines traditional flavors with a modern twist. Among the many delectable offerings on the menu, one dish in particular stands out: the tantalizing Tejano Borracho.
A Fusion of Tradition combined with urban Innovation: Tejano cuisine is known for its rich history and bold flavors, and the Tejano Borracho at Curb Side Bistro is a testament to that legacy. Barrientos skillfully combines traditional ingredients and innovative techniques to create a dish that pays homage to its Tejano roots while adding his unique touch.
The new Midland location will offer plenty of seating both indoors or on the new revamped patio completing the already fresh urban cultural ambience experience with beautiful vibrant art murals & decor, an eccentric bar that will ft a wide variety of beverages including local beers provided by Tall City Brewery ALSO a humble collaboration with both businesses. CSB will be located at 607 N. Colorado St, Midland, TX, 79701. 
Tejano Vibes (Proud Supporters of CSB) would like to extend a warm genuine welcome into to Chef Alejandro and his family to Midland and congratulate them on all of their accomplishments as well as acknowledge their countless contributions to the entire Permian Basin.
For more information on Curb Side Bistro visit their Facebook page at Curb Side Bistro